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Swapped In The Office: Seducing My Boss In The Office - An Erotic Taboo Forbidden Gender Swap Tale by River Belle (著)


Rik is having a very bad day. Fired from work by his perverted boss, he decides to drown his sorrows at a strange old bar. That's where he meets Sonya, a woman with strange, erotic powers and dark secret.

She gives him a chance to get his own back on his awful ex-boss, and makes sure that he never sees the world in the same way again.

My Husband Wants To Be A Girl by Tracy Ash (著)


My husband tried something new in bed, and
I discovered his secret. He has had feminine urges for
a long time. Learning my husband’s weakness gave
me the chance to search for excitement. I needed
a man in my life—a real man.
I decided to take my husband shopping……….
in my kind of stores. After a day of buying his new
female wardrobe, he came home feeling all girlie.
Wanting to test his new femininity, I had
arranged for a male co-worker to meet us at home.
Wearing his new lingerie, my husband’s feminine
urges were racing through his body and he couldn’t
wait to join my friend and me.

お姉さまの少年アイドル養成所 by 氷室 洸 (著)(二見書房)



Turned into a Sexy Hotel Maid: A Young Man's Unexpected Journey into a World of Forced Feminization and Sexual Service by Rebecca Sterne (著)


Alex is a young man desperate for work. Sent to fill a vacancy in a prestigious hotel his casual appearance is soon questioned by his new and fearsome supervisor. Short-handed and in need of additional help a compromise is quickly found, one that sees him being stripped of his male clothing.

He soon finds himself falling foul of one of the hotel’s most important VIP guests, and having suffered the embarrassment of being mistaken for a girl, he is soon coerced into donning a far more traditional uniform, one usually reserved for female maids only. A series of sexual encounters are soon to follow in his new guise, taking him ever deeper into a deception that leaves him reeling from his own shocking acts of intimacy.

Can Alex overcome this most unexpected of first days as a hotel employee, or will he be pulled ever deeper into a world of feminization and sexual service?

復讐鬼 美少女奴隷の血族 by 柚木 郁人 (著)(二見書房)



My Sissy Feminization: Four Transgender Femdom Assignments Erotica Books by BJ Slippy (著)


Four Transgender Femdom Assignments Erotica Books

Are you into femdom and feminization sissy assignments? You're going to want to grab this hot collection of FOUR BOOKS that will take your imagination to new places. Click Look Inside for more hot details.

The Reluctant Cheerleader by Melanie Brown (著)


Christopher is in high school now and has tried to bury his being Ed's Reluctant Girlfriend in the past. But now his school is one cheerleader short...

His Boss' Sissy by Kinky Press (著)


Jack has found himself in a compromising position.

Which is worse? Your wife finding out you like taking it from behind more than you like giving it to her – or finding out your wife has maxed out the credit card your company gave you?

Jack finds out his boss up for a deal – a deal his wife has struck behind his back. His boss’ tastes are wide, and the big, black bull of a boss seals the deal after a little on-the-knees attention from Jack.

Now, it’s time to transform. Time to get out of those pants and into something a little more reveling. Jack becomes his boss’ personal secretary with benefits, and his boss is looking to take full advantage.

After some long, hard days at work – is he going to want to remain Jackie, or change back to Jack? Will his submission pay off his debts?

性転のへきれき 「ラブストーリー」: かおりの場合 by 桜沢ゆう


性転のへきれき 「ラブストーリー」: かおりの場合
売り上げランキング: 13,719

性転のへきれき 「ラブストーリー」: かおりの場合@アマゾン


「性転のへきれき」シリーズ第2作 かおりの場合「ラブストーリー」の主人公は大学を出たばかりのプログラマーの男性です。建設会社のシステム部門に就職したところ、古いタイプの上司のハラスメントにより会社を辞めることになりますが、転職先が女性だけのソフトウェア会社で、主人公は特別な状況により職場で女性の格好で働くことを余儀なくされるのでした。

Feminization Sissification Bundle by Tabatha Dallas (著)


”The Fappening”
映画スターの隠し撮り写真をネットに公開しまくる「Doctor Byte」の被害を受けたセレブが本気でキレて恐ろしい復讐を企てる!?

”Maid to Order”

”Rude Paul's Forced Sissification Gay Drag Sex Party”

Three Sissification Feminization Fem Dom stories in one bundle!
Whether it's a hacker releasing celebrity photos, a cruel sexist homophobic businessman, or a cheating husband, all three of these men discover their feminine side and the pleasure of sex with strong alpha men while dressed in drag.

”The Fappening”

After thousands of photos and videos of nude celebrities are released by Doctor Byte, everyone can see Hollywood's erotic private moments.

Jan - action star and America's Sweetheart isn't going to take this lying down (despite what you seen in her video). With her group of powerful celebrity friends, she's going to give Doctor Byte a taste of his own medicine.

Can she and her cadre really make a man understand what they went through?

Never underestimate the power of celebrity and money when it comes to revenge.

”Maid to Order”

Every office has that one jerk who thinks they can get away with anything. Most aren't as bad as Paul. His racism, homophobia, and wandering hand on a long string of secretaries are costing the company big time.

Peggy Miller's a 'fixer' for companies. It's her job to find troublesome employees and 'fix' them for good.

Can she fix Paul and why does it involve a french maid outfit, a dirty bathroom, and a newly fired well hung janitor?

”Rude Paul's Forced Sissification Gay Drag Sex Party”

What's a cheating husband to do to ensure he won't lose an upcoming divorce case? Try to blackmail his wife at Rude Paul's Drag Romp - The hottest show in the country starring she-males, transvestites, gays, and "straight" guys forced in drag.

A desire for video evidence takes an erotic wrong turn with no turning back when the he finds himself in a hotel room with a statuesque transsexual, a extremely friendly and horny gay usher, and his very angry wife.

What will he have to do to avoid losing everything? What does his wife mean when she wants him to "experience what women have to go though"?



BECOMING SISSY: Feminized by my wife: My Sissification Adventure - A Hotwife Turning Her Husband Into A Woman - Cuckold Erotica - by Amy Stevens (著)


Steve and Sarah are a regular couple but when she confesses her naughty inner fantasies to her husband, her life may change for ever.

She dreams about turning her submissive hubby into a hot sissy.

He's hesitant and reluctant at first but when he unexpectedly realizes he gets aroused by the thought of turning into a woman, he willingly complies

Yet, what he doesn't know is that this is only the beginning of a very kinky adventure.

Inconceivable and outrageous things are about to happen... Will he be willing to satisfy his wife's desires, even though this would mean doing the unimaginable?

Turned Into a Girl by Lisa Change (著)

The Biggest Boobs in the World
The Best Valentine’s Day Ever
Your Very Own TG Adventure
All She Ever Wanted (a TG Christmas Tale)

College kid Lance has a secret. He stole his best friend Jack’s girlfriend, breaking his bro’s heart. But when Jack makes an ill-advised wish, the tables are turned in the kinkiest way possible. Lance finds himself magically transformed into Jack’s new girlfriend.

Trapped as beautiful, busty Laura, Lance is suddenly desperately attracted to his old bestie. To make matters worse, Jack has the hots for him too! As the former-friends struggle with Lance’s gender-transformation, they find themselves unlocking the dark desires at the heart of their friendship. But breaking the laws of nature comes with a terrible price…

In the longest tale in her new collection, All He Ever Wanted, Lisa Change – author of TG novels The Boy Who Became a School Girl and Swapped at School – invites you on a twisted TG thrill ride that’s dark, kinky, and impossible to put down. The rest of the collection includes:

The Biggest Boobs in the World
Macho jerk Henry loves catcalling women with large breasts. But when he accidentally insults a witch, he discovers how difficult life can be for a well-stacked girl. The witch casts a spell that turns him into the woman with the biggest boobs on Earth!

The Best Valentine’s Day Ever
Rob is always screwing up Valentine’s Day. When he accidentally buys an insulting gift for his new witch girlfriend, Amy decides to teach him a kinky lesson he’ll never forget. One that involves turning Rob into a pair of lacy red panties and using him to seduce her hunky neighbor…

Your Very Own TG Adventure
A curse is gripping the internet. A twisted TG tale is doing the rounds that turns any man who reads it into a gorgeous bimbo girl! But what do you do if you discover this gender-switching tale is the one you’re reading right now…?

All She Ever Wanted (a TG Christmas Tale)
Old Mister Jeffers is a Grinch who loves to ruin Christmas for the neighborhood kids. Only this year, the kids are ready for him, and they know just the spell this nasty man needs. One that will force him to experience life on their level, trapped as an adorable little girl…

Feminization Farm Girl (Forced Fem Books): Crossdressing Erotica by Tabatha Dallas (著)


Agree to work as a servant for one year to save your farm? What's the worst that can happen?

If you're slim, short, and a bit on the feminine side, you become the live-in girlfriend of a good ol' cowboy who likes his women on the submissive side. Country life is hard and involves cookin', cleanin', plenty of lovin', and who knows what else?

Hint, it involves ropes!

ある若いホームレスの立身出世物語 性転のへきれき by 桜沢ゆう (著)








After losing their luggage, a young wife teaches her husband how to be a lady! His wife doesn’t miss a trick to make a lady of her new husband. A classic tale of crossdressing! Illustrated by Puyal! IN THE PINK

Now He's Louise & The Beribbioned Gang by Carole Jean (著), Anonymous (著), Adam (イラスト)

PPArt by Carole JeanサイトでおなじみのCarole Jeanさん作品。浮気した亭主(Now He's Louise)、不良少年(The Beribbioned Gang)が強制女装・女性化される2作品収録。

This book has two fully illustrated short stories. In Now He's Louise, a wife catches her husband with another woman and puts him in her clothes for good! In The Beribboned Gang,Women take on a gang using what they know best - femininity.



Peter only wore panties for a short time in high school. He put all that away when he met Amy in college. But years later as his marriage to her began to fail, and his self-esteem plummeted, he found himself sneaking into her underwear drawer more and more. It was only a matter of time until she caught him. He knew that. What he didn’t expect was her to force him to play along with her feminization fantasy, rewarding him only when he gave into her demands to be the perfect sissy cuckold.

The fantasy quickly develops into something he can no longer control, an erotic wildfire that threatens to consume everything it touches, as the transformation from Peter to Petra begins to take hold.

女装講師サオリ: 強制ノーパンミニスカ授業 by 安芸 育 (編集)(株式会社ピーデー)




プロローグ 女装強制
第1章 女装講師
第2章 女装給仕
第3章 女装娼婦
第4章 女装奴隷
エピローグ 女装志願

Feminine Husband: Forced Feminization Femdom Erotica by Lana Ellis (著)


When Mia set up a nanny-cam in her bedroom to see why her jewelry and make-up were turning up in strange places, the last thing she expected to catch on camera was her husband in panties!

Mia decides she's going to make Kyle into the woman of his dreams—and hers!—, whether he's ready or not. Mia makes it clear that she knows his crossdressing secret, and unless he wants everyone else to find about it, he'll submit to every fantasy she has of feminizing him.

With her husband in his new high heels and his sexy, slutty clothes, Mia's fun is only just beginning. By the end of the night, Kyle will truly understand what it means to be his wife's sissy slut!
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