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Feminized by Force: 3 Book Forced Feminization Bundle by Nicki Cross (著)

Closet Queen: Feminized by My Neighbor
Feminized by Phone: A FemDom Phone Sex Story
Honey's New Helper: Feminized by My Wife

Book #1 -- Closet Queen: Feminized by My Neighbor

Caleb is a lonely college student trying to make ends meet by walking his sexy neighbor's fluffy little dog, while also doing his best to keep the massive crush that he has on Mandy a secret...along with other hidden aspects of his life.

When Mandy comes home early one day and catches Caleb in a very compromising position, she decides to have a bit of fun with him, and turns the nervous nerd into the ravishing Caitlyn before inviting over one of her open-minded buddies to join in on playtime.

Will Mandy's friend, Ethan enjoy the big surprise that Caitlyn has in store for him?

Book #2 -- Feminized by Phone: A FemDom Phone Sex Story

Luke Farnsworth loves his job and he's good at what he does. There's just one problem – his supervisor seems to have it out for him.

Karen is gorgeous and powerful, which makes her both extremely magnetic but also highly unpopular with her all-male staff, and Luke has become the focus of her frustration on their latest project.

When Karen insists that Luke redoes all of his recent hard work, he heads home to pull an all-nighter and hopefully please his beautiful and demanding boss...

But then Luke happens to see a late-night TV commercial for a phone sex line and his long-hidden deviant desires come bubbling to the surface. He can't help dialing in and speaking to a woman that specializes in his secret girlie pastime.

Will Luke be able to ward off his lifetime longing? Will he be able to keep his passion for crossdressing private? Or will his undercover appetite be his undoing?

Book #3 -- Honey's New Helper: Feminized by My Wife

Jason was lucky to talk Amelia into marrying him, and he knows it. And so he does everything that he can to keep his beautiful bride happy…

He keeps himself slim and trim, stays on top of the housework, and spends his entire salary on pretty things for his honey.

But then Jason’s business goes bankrupt and Amelia is left as the sole breadwinner. And she lets him know in no uncertain terms that she expects him to find a new job. Now.

Jason comes up with an idea to cash in on his love of female fashion by opening a women’s clothing store. But then he stumbles upon a corner of the Internet dedicated to the art of crossdressing and a new obsession.

When Amelia comes home early one evening and catches Jason in one of her best outfits, her response is not one that Jason was expecting.

And the proposition that she comes up with is one that will change both of their lives forever.

Not to mention the life of the other man that Amelia has decided to add to the mix…

Gender Swap Clinic: The Complete Series by Nina Nauheim

セクシストの研修医Calvin Stoweが女医のSandra Elbyの部下になるが、SandraはCalvinに恐ろしい罠を仕掛ける!?

Medical intern Calvin Stowe has been making a nuisance of himself, getting shunted from one department to the next by his arrogance and disrespect for the women of the Edelman-Carter Institute. When a particularly crude remark about his female superior's ass proves the last straw, she recommends that he be transferred to work with Dr. Sandra Elby, the famous researcher. Convinced he's been promoted, he smugly arrives on the third floor to begin work, only to learn that he's being recommended not as a lab assistant, but as a test subject.

He's unclear what exactly these trials entail, but he's told it's his last chance to walk out the doors with a good recommendation, so he decides to go along with it. By the time he realizes the changes that are happening to him, it's too late to back out. Soon, the new hormones and pleasure treatments designed to make him more feminine and docile have him forgetting he ever wanted to leave in the first place, and what was once the office jerk will soon be the lab bimbo: horny, submissive, and eager to please any man who walks through the door.

The Doctor's Pill by Nina Nauheim


うつ病に悩むEric Samuelsは新しい女性主治医の美貌に目が眩みエロ視線丸出しの態度で彼女の逆鱗に触れる。ドクターに抗うつ剤と称してEricに性転換薬を処方して!?

Eric Samuels is trying to score some anti-anxiety drugs from a new doctor, and when he learns this new doctor is a woman he's sure he'll soon have her pretty eyes watering with sympathy and writing him any prescription he wants. But when the attractive Dr. Bell catches him ogling her ass, she starts to get wise to the situation and decides to teach him a lesson.

She tells him she wants to help and the pill she gives him probably will make him feel good, at least eventually, but first he'll have to come to terms with the transformation that Dr. Janice Bell's gender reassignment drug puts him through as Eric becomes Erica. Only then can the fun start, as the busty, over-sexed new bimbo learns to give in to her overpowering urges.

Not to worry, Dr. Bell will ensure that Erica soon finds herself in the path of a group of doctors only too happy to team up and stuff the horny, submissive patient who seems to have popped up from nowhere.続きを読む

From Step Brother to Sissy by Kylie Gable (著), Claudia Acosta (著), Mindi Harris (編集)


When Roger returns from soccer practice, he finds himself falling into an elaborate trap set by his own step sister Maria. With the help of a hidden camera, she tricks him into blindfolding and handcuffing himself to a pole in the basement while wearing women's clothing. When the blindfold is finally removed, he discovers that he is now at the mercy of not only his step sister, but her friends as well. Now Maria intends to make sure he never escapes her web.

A Slave's Punishment: A Story of Hard-Core Forced Feminzation by Scarlett Redd (著)


Samantha is a feminized slave to her beautiful, dominant wife Nicole. But lately Samantha has been disobeying her Mistress! Unfortunately for Samantha, Mistress is going to teach her sissy a painful lesson, one which Samantha will never forget...

My School Turned Me Into a Beautiful Girl by Lisa Change (著)


The Boy Who Became a School Girl
All his life, 18-year old Noah has been an outcast. But when his best friend Myra reads from an old spell book, Noah finds his existence suddenly turned on its head. In the blink of an eye, this shy, bullied kid is turned into Nora, the prettiest, most-popular girl at school!

But the spell has unexpected side effects. Even as Noah enjoys life as a cute teenage girl, he finds himself falling for one of his former bullies. Can he resist alpha male Caden’s advances? Or will he find himself embarking on a thrilling TG romance…?

Swapped at the Mall
For a long time, Liam has known there’s something wrong. Something about his feelings for his hunky best friend Ryan that don’t add up. But when his sister’s birthday wish transforms him into the gorgeous Lilly, Liam suddenly finds himself able to express his hidden desires. And where better to explore his new, female sexuality than on a date at the local mall…?

Turned Into the Girl of His Dreams
When skinny college kid Joe is given the power to swap bodies with anyone on Earth, he knows just how to use it. After jumping into the body of busty blonde co-ed Summer, he’s suddenly the hottest girl on campus, and all the guys now want a piece of him!

But Summer is plotting revenge. Can Joe find happiness in his beautiful new body? Or will he be forced to face up to his body-stealing crimes?

Swapped for the Prom
Nobody messes with Ryan. He’s the alpha male. The bully. The one all the other kids fear… until now.

On the night of the prom, two of Ryan’s victims orchestrate a twisted revenge. In the blink of an eye, this alpha male finds himself magically transformed into a busty blonde teenage beauty named Rachel. Dressed in a flowing prom dress and a killer pair of heels, Ryan’s forced to attend prom as the prettiest girl at school… and his tormentors won’t turn him back until he’s fallen for the handsome boy he used to bully!

Gender Swap Land
Something’s happening to the boys at the local high school. An evil teenage Queen has entered their midst, and one by one she’s turning them all into girls!

Now it’s up to former-jock Tyler to lead the guys in resistance. Trapped in the body of a busty French maid, Tyler must convince his former Coach to join forces and help him end the Queen’s kinky reign of terror. But how can you defeat a Goddess with the power to swap any man on Earth into skirts…?

Becoming Joanne: A tale of forced feminisation and female domination by Lady Alexa (著)


Joseph was not a good husband. He did not respect women, had a poor employment history and was constantly unfaithful to his long-suffering wife. When he came come from work drunk and dismissed for punching his female boss and having sex with a young employee, his wife Julie decided that she'd had enough. She enlisted the help of her best friend Melissa to help her change Joseph. Melissa was a high powered lawyer, decided the only way to teach Joseph a permanent lesson was to transform aggressive Joseph into submissive Joanne. This story charts Melissa's transformation of Joseph and how Joseph becomes Joanne.

After treating his wife badly, Joseph has been made to wear female clothing at work and humiliated by his wife's best friend, the imposing dominatrix Melissa. In this second book of the series, Becoming Joanne, Joseph is taken further down the route towards a more permanent and reluctant femininity. Melissa takes him to her own home to impose a stricter programme of feminisation, helped by her employees and friends. Joseph thinks that he will eventually be released back to his wife and return manhood. Melissa has other plans.

女体化ヘルスでビクンビクン★俺のおマメが超ビンカン! by ひらたいら (著)(Bevy)



Little Sissy Play Handbook by Princess Honeybee (著)


Are you curious about sissy role play? Looking for a way to introduce a partner?

Get practical, real-life advice on gender-based role play and how to enjoy it together. In this handbook, you'll find information and tips on what sissy play is and what it is not, role play, clothing and makeup, chastity, sexual play, relationships, and more.

Princess Honeybee is kink blogger with over 15 years of experience in real life kink.

Feminisation is compulsory by Lady Alexa (著)

冒険家・Edward Hayesは不遜なセクシスト。アマゾンのジャングル深く進む内に屈強な女性だけの部族に出会い色めき立つも、彼女らに捕えられ、そして...!?

Edward Hayes is an arrogant explorer who discovers a hidden secretive tribe deep in the Brazilian jungle. This tribe of tall muscular females take Edward on a new journey of exploration: a journey of transformation.

Porn Star Sissies: Erotic Stories of Feminization & Forced Exhibitionism by N.T. Morley (編集)


Savor the submission of six feminized beauties ordered by their Mistresses to pucker for the camera, spread for the screen and suck for snapshots! Whether they’re motivated by money or the succulent taste of a sissy’s humiliation, these women command their slaves to become the ultimate in feminine sex icons – the porn star!

A freshly-feminized sissy is booked for a locker-room scene with two well-hung, musclebound studs who like to play rough. A prodigal boyfriend who left his lover when she returned to her life as a porn producer finds that she’ll take him back when he reconsiders … with a few very stringent conditions! A humiliated college dropout accepts his Mistress’s wise guidance as he returns to campus for sweet revenge, shot on shaky phone-cams and instantly uploaded for the whole world to see! Trying out erotic hypnosis downloads to spice up their sex life, a couple finds themselves drawn into a virtual world drowning in kinky sex! A college boy is recruited into an experimental training program for turning boys into bimbos… with every perverted step being documented on camera and beamed out to horny subscribers at home! And a cuckolded husband finds himself tempted into a hospital bed for a crash program in oversexed femininity – with cameras trained on him the whole time.

Whether you fantasize about being forcibly feminized – or about transforming the one close to you – these stories will fill your mind with exotic new ideas.

Gay for Pay by Kylie Cooper
Virgin Sissy by Josie Blackwell
Football Groupie by Kendra Jarry
Nu-U by Kylie Cooper
Doctor Knows Best by Kendra Jarry
The Serum by Britney Jordan

Gender Bender High by Nikki Crescent


Tommy Smith, the captain of the school football team has somewhat of a reputation for ruining relationships by sleeping with students' girlfriends. One fateful day, Tommy sleeps with the wrong girl: The girlfriend of Jerald, a young chemistry genius who has just created an "Identity Swap" drug.

Having not originally planned to use the drug for anything, Jerald now begins to plot his revenge on the womanizing football star.

En-trap-ment by Lyka Bloom (著)

刑事・Ron Fellowsは街の悪党・Rolloと裏取引しその悪事に踏み込まないという処世術で生きてきたが、新しく街にやって来た女性・Delilahがその関係を乱す存在となる。なんとかしようと「捜査」を開始するRonだが、Delilahの罠に嵌まり、思いも掛けぬ「変身」をすることになる!?

Ron Fellows has learned how to survive as a detective, and that means making deals under the table with the local pimp, Rollo. When a new Madam appears on the scene, cutting into both Rollo and Ron's money, Ron decides to investigate. After an encounter with a seductive woman named Delilah, Ron finds himself being drawn into a world of transformation and gender fluidity he may never escape!

Stripped of His Gender[Series] by Anita Mandalay


"What? You're gonna fire me? You don't have the balls!"

James laughed. He actually laughed at me.

"Poor Anthony, it's your own balls you should be worried about..."

* * *

After losing his sports scholarship due to "anger issues", cocky ex-jock Anthony still got a free ride after college. He landed a job at Landen Pharmaceuticals thanks to his father's connections- and bullying a few nerds to get the grades.

Used to being the star of the football team, surrounded by hot and horny sorority girls, Anthony doesn't fit the lab-coat lifestyle at all. After causing chaos in the company for months, confident he'll never get fired; he's called to the Head Office one final time - for a literal dressing-down.
The new CEO James Landen plans to control Anthony by making him the first test subject of a revolutionary fast acting hormone drug ...whether he likes it or not!

Yesterday Anthony knocked back a drink spiked by his ruthless boss James with a fast acting hormone treatment. Oestrogen pumped through him, transforming him from a rough jock to a petite blonde in seconds, causing him to lose his manly strength, pressing him more and more to think and act like a woman.

Today he woke up wishing it was all a dream, but the phone is ringing - James is on the line with a wake-up call that's all too real. He orders 'Annie' to be in his office early to prepare for her new job as his secretary.

Without time to get used to his new female body, or his sickeningly sweet name 'Annie', Anthony has no choice but to rush to work and play along with James' sick games while he clings to the hope that if he pleases his boss, he might be given a cure.

But the rich, vindictive CEO of Landen Pharmaceuticals has other plans in store...

It's been two days since Anthony was trapped in a female body. Now blonde bombshell 'Annie' wrestles with her forced gender transformation at the hands of her boss James, the sadistic and powerful CEO of Landen Pharmaceuticals.

Only he can change her back. But not until he's had his way with her.

Forced to play the hot secretary role, Annie sits humiliated at her desk, ass plugged with her smooth lower half visible beneath the thin, red skirt James dressed her in.
No panties allowed of course.

Fighting the urge to give in to her new identity, Annie waits for her moment to take revenge on James- but will she expose the truth about the company's illegal gender-swapping program before James and his horny Shareholders decide to 'share' her?

The Experiment by Stacey Zackerly (著)

舞台は英国。投資トラブルで膨大な借金を負い途方に暮れた男にSir Reginald Carurthersが援助を申し出る。その条件とは、男の息子がビクトリア朝の淑女へと変身する、という実験の被験者になること!

When a young man's father is involved in an investment scandal, after years of squandering away the family fortune, it appears that prison and complete ruin are ahead for the family until the young man is offered a unique opportunity to solve the problem. The mysterious Sir Reginald Carurthers, a man feared and mistrusted by all, would be willing to wipe out the debts of his father if the young man would agree to become a test subject in a socking experiment that would attempt to reverse the work of nature and cause the man to become a woman. Seeing no other way to save his father the lad agrees and begins the lengthy process of physically becoming female as well as being trained to behave as a proper lady in Victorian society.

Feminized by the Ex-Con! by Amanda Mann (著), Malaw Hule (著), & 1 その他


Feminized by the Ex-Con! (English Edition)
Deadlier Than the Male Publications (2016-08-23)

Never trust an author. They lie by profession and call it fiction. I also probably shouldn't have opened that door that day. It was my old cell mate, Marcus. I had spent a few days in jail several months back. Having opened the door, I probably shouldn't have let him in.

But I did.

Big mistake! He had been wronged and someone had to pay. He lost his woman over it all and decided that I needed to replace her! And he was none too gentle about it.

Miss-ing Billionaire by Ann Michelle (著)

有名な億万長者William Ingersollの唐突な引退が発表されるが、実は奇怪な失踪劇である!という密告を得た記者・Martinは調査を始める。Williamは失踪直前に女装趣味に走っていた?怪しいのはWilliamの妻?大スクープを得るため、Martinは女性に変装して謎を追うのだが!?

The Miss-ing Billionaire (English Edition)
Satin Falls Press (2017-06-12)

Reporter Martin Ward has uncovered an incredible story. The billionaire founder of Ing Co. is missing, and Martin’s source tells him the billionaire’s new wife is behind it. Unfortunately, the only way Martin can investigate this story is to disguise himself as a woman. Can he do it? Should he do it?

College Slut for a Day: ~ Sinful Shorts ~ Feminised by his sexy cousin, humiliated by her girl friends, used by the college boys! by Rebecca Sterne (著)


Donny is a twenty year old college boy who largely goes unnoticed by those around him. His younger cousin Sadie, however, is eighteen, blond and has a wicked sense of humour, particularly when it comes to playing tricks on her older male cousin.

Donny allows himself to be duped by her and her friends into dressing in her college clothes and appearing as a girl. Not content with the humiliation that this single act of emasculation entails, she intends to have him experience college life as more than just your normal every day female student.

When her friends are less than satisfied with his convincing appearance he finds himself proving himself as a girl in a most unexpected way.

The fourth in a new series of explicit short stories by Rebecca Sterne, a bestselling author of erotic fiction. This story contains adult content including; crossdressing, forced femme, f/m and m/m oral sex and masturbation and is strictly suitable for adults only.

Sissy Husbands, Femdom Brides: A Sizzling 3-PACK by Aurora Sparks (著)


Married... to My Mistress!!
Bill Smith has been living the sissy lifestyle full-time for a while now, but he's still an anal (and oral) virgin. When his femdom wife, Marlene, suggests they invite new men into their bedroom, he's unsure and first, but quickly becomes obsessed with the prospect of being cuckolded and spit-roasted.

I Was Her Husband... Now I'm Her Patsy!
Lately, Lexy Richards has been making not-so-subtle comments implying her husband, Spencer, isn't man enough to satisfy her in the bedroom. With the help of macho best friend Barry (who's secretly been banging Lexy), Spencer tries to reinvent himself as an alpha male—and fails miserably. With nothing left to lose, the humiliated hubby agrees to put on his wife's clothes and let his erstwhile bro deflower his sissy throat and anus.

A Husband in Dis-Dress
Loving husband Lewis has a dirty little secret : he likes to dress up in women's clothing and pose while his wife, Jane, snaps pictures. When Jane accidentally includes one of her hubby's glamour shots in a sext to her secret lover, Preston, the horny hunk makes it his mission to discover the identity of the sissy in the photo—and give her an anal and oral pounding she'll never forget.

As a free bonus, the bundle also includes CUCK-a-doodle-doo!!, a cuckolding tale starring a henpecked hubby, his cheating wife, a well-hung CEO and one very noisy rooster!

COME DEEP by Nikki Crescent (著)


Jeremy doesn’t believe his friend when he’s tells him that the women in Romania are beautiful, plentiful, and easy—until he travels there for himself. It’s the best vacation ever, sleeping with some of the most beautiful women he’s ever seen, girls who are way out of his league—until he sleeps with the wrong girl: a gypsy who curses Jeremy for his womanizing ways.

The curse changes him into a beautiful woman, and it can’t be broken until three different men finish deep inside of him.
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