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女体化したガ〇ンのお尻の穴を苛める話 by Beast Trailさん





Sissified, Spanked, Reprogrammed & Humiliated by the 1st Female President of the United States of America by Aurora Sparks



Marcus McClusky is a young Poli Sci graduate with dreams of working in Washington. His personal idol? Eileen Nancarrow, the first female President of the United States of America. In addition to admiring her many achievements in the political arena, he's fascinated by her effortless poise, authority and dominance.

Needless to say, when an internship opens up at the White House, Marcus is one of the first to apply—and against all odds, he gets the job! He thinks he's going to be fetching coffee, filing papers and (if he's lucky) sitting in on meetings with foreign dignitaries. But the Commander in Chief has other plans: with the help of experimental CIA technology, she's going to turn him into the perfect sissy slut and sexually humiliate him.

Marcus is a little confused when Nancarrow demands he wear lingerie, heels and makeup, but he's not about to disobey a direct order from the leader of the free world. Soon, he's getting spanked, sucking dicks and taking it up the ass for the Commander in Chief's amusement—and loving every minute!

Quarterback Prom Queen by Kylie Gable (著), Claudia Acosta (著), Mindi Harris (編集)

【超オススメ!!】Book 4/5・リリース!
Ryan Bradyはハイスクールフットボールの花形選手でカレッジに進学しての活躍も期待される地元のヒーローだが、将来のため怪我をしたくないと考え、州の選手権で手を抜くことを友人のDrewに明かし、Drewは相手チームに賭け一儲けする。だがこの「八百長」がチアリーダーのKristineに知られてしまう!弱みを握ったKristineはRyanを脅し女装でプロムに出席させる。さらにRyanの妹も加わり事態は悪化、美容院でメイクされ地毛をスタイルされ、フルタイム女装へと追い込まれたRyanの運命は!?

Quarterback Prom Queen 3 (English Edition)
Candy Apple Press (2017-07-20)


Ryan Brady thought he had the world by the tail. He had a full scholarship to play football on the west coast, he was a local celebrity for leading his high school football team to the state championship game, and his future looked bright. Unfortunately for Ryan, one of his classmates uncovers some dirt that could destroy his whole future and she intends to put it to good use by feminizing and humiliating the young football star while preparing him for a prom night he will never forget.


In the first issue, star quarterback Ryan Brady found himself blackmailed and humiliated by his classmate Kristine Moseby. Now, his sister knows something is going on and she's enjoying taking her brother down a peg or two almost as much as Kristine. Even worse, Kristine's plans kick into full gear with a trip to the hair salon for a forced makeover, dye job, and new pixie cut. How will Ryan ever explain the change in his appearance to his friends and parents?


It just doesn't get any easier for Ryan. Not only do his sister and her friends make him do cheers for them complete with cheerleading uniform, but he's left to explain his feminine hairstyle and newly blonde hair to his parents. Just when he thinks it can't get any worse, Kristine brings back a face from Ryan's past to further torment him.

Quarterback Prom Queen 4 (English Edition)
Candy Apple Press (2017-08-10)


Things seem to be getting easier for Ryan. He's made a tentative peace with his sister and even Kristine and Erin seem more reasonable about his transformation. Just when he thinks it won't be that bad, he gets a call from Rockdale High School telling him he's been voted Prom Queen. Ryan can scarcely believe it, but when he goes to the school for photographs, he finds out that the girls there are not happy to have lost the vote to a girl who doesn't even go to their school. Now, they want their revenge. Quarterback Prom Queen is for adults only and contains humiliation, female domination, forced feminization, and bondage.

Quarterback Prom Queen 5 (English Edition)
Candy Apple Press (2017-08-18)


It's prom day and Ryan is settled in for a long day at Erin's station at the beauty salon. He's going to get the works from nails, to makeup, to hair extensions whether he wants it or not. Then comes the prom itself and a night of trying to keep A.J. from discovering his true gender and avoiding his prom court who have plans for revenge. This is the conclusion of the five-part Quarterback Prom Queen story and it is intended for adults only. It contains female domination, feminization, forced bi, bondage, humiliation, and even a bit of romance. How did that get in there?

Gender Swapped and Forced to Play Secretary by Lady Foraday (著)


Darren's dream job just opened up, and there's nothing that will stop him from getting it. Not even waking up in the body of a beautiful, curvy woman. He's willing to do anything to get that job, and his boss intends to make him prove it. Now, after years as an executive who treated the women at work like objects, Darren is about to walk a mile in a woman's shoes!

電脳サーフィス: 女体化? 女装? 拡張現実で女の子の姿に! by 矢的春泥 (著)(よぞうつつ舎)

【大反響!!】SOFT Edtition・リリース!



既刊『電脳サーフィス』の表現を柔らかくした“SOFT Edition”として登場!
“SOFT Edition”限定の書下ろし新作も追加!

『拡張現実でお姉ちゃんの友達に妹にされたボク』(SOFT Edition限定の書下ろし)

【立体音響】お兄ちゃん!私の妹になってよ! by 同人ふぇちさん









His School Skirt by Satinmaid(著)

'Pink Ribbons'
'Surrogate Schoolgirl'
'My First School Skirt'
'My Second School Skirt'.

Four stories of boys forced to dress as schoolgirls! Against their will, these boys are tricked or forced into girl's school uniform: A dressing up game finds Alan tricked into more and more feminine clothes. A young boy is forced to become a schoolgirl permanently. John is tricked into wearing the school uniform of the girl he fancies...twice! Includes the stories 'Pink Ribbons', 'Surrogate Schoolgirl', 'My First School Skirt' and 'My Second School Skirt'.

Missing in Nepal: Damsel in Distress by Yu Sakurazawa (著)

東京の大学で心理学を学ぶ学生・Reuben Youngはフォトコンで優勝し2週間のインド旅行を勝ち取るが、デリーの大気汚染に辟易して隣国ネパールへと移動するが、滞在先のホテル支配人・Tika Chhetriは彼に狙いを付けて罠を仕掛ける!弱みを握られたYoungは女装を強制され、IDやスマホを奪われRubyと言う名の女装ダンサーへと変えられてしまう!?

Eighteen year old Reuben Young, a student of psychology studying in a university in Tokyo, is super excited when a photo-contest wins him a 2 week trip to India. Sick of the pollution levels in Delhi, Reuben travels to Nepal without informing his family or friends. He reaches Nepal and checks into a hotel. While in the hotel, Reuben becomes a hapless victim of a conspiracy hatched by Tika Chhetri, the avaricious hotel manager. Using the threat of blackmail, Tika coerces Reuben to dress like a woman. Tika eventually confiscates Reuben’s purse, passport and smartphone. Reuben finds himself in a situation where he has no money, is stripped of his identity and unable to contact his friends. Reuben is now called Ruby and is forced to work in a dance bar.

From Swim Team to Sissy by Dana Bowman

チームメイトのイジメで、移動中、休憩先に置いてけぼりにされた水泳選手Sam Maxwell。しかし彼の不運はそれだけで無かった!謎の人物に拘束され、女性化改造されていくSam...!?

Ditched at a roadside stand by his teammates... can life get any worse for Sam Maxwell? That's a question his androgynous and alluring captors will have to answer. Their abduction and cruel, dominating treatments will leave him going from Swim Team, to Sissy...

強制シーメール生肉監禁 by Bカイマンさん






人造ふたなり人形~妻に性処理道具にされた夫~ by 恥辱庵さん







Bimbofied! by River Belle (著)


Read these three tales of erotic lust to find out how three different guys cope when they find themselves in their sexy new female forms...


Professor Paulton doesn't like students, at all. When Danica asks him for an extension to an assignment he's given, offering 'anything she can do' to sweeten the deal, he turns her down, angrily. When she curses him as she leaves the room, he doesn't worry about it.

Soon though, he's going to be seeing life from a whole new perspective. Soon, he's going to be a man-hungry bimbo, desperate to get to know his male students very, very well.


Todd bets Richard $500 that he can't seduce the beautiful nightclub bimbo, Nikki. But when Richard approaches her, he soon gets much more than he bargained for.

Soon, Nikki's going to be taking away Richard's gender from him, leaving him as a curvaceous, desirable woman. Soon Nikki's going to be swapping gender herself, and showing Richard exactly what it means to be a woman, hard and without protection.


Darren is really untidy. His flat's so bad that his horrible landlord gives him a weird choice: either face eviction, or take part in a clinical trial for a new motivation serum.

Unfortunately for Darren, the serum has some side effects that totally change his perspective on life, and drastically transforms his opinion of Mr. Jones!

Swapping my Professor by River Belle (著)


Professor Paulton doesn't like students, at all. When Danica asks him for an extension to an assignment he's given, offering 'anything she can do' to sweeten the deal, he turns her down, angrily. When she curses him as she leaves the room, he doesn't worry about it.

Soon though, he's going to be seeing life from a whole new perspective. Soon, he's going to be a man-hungry bimbo, desperate to get to know his male students very, very well.

奴隷姉弟 [女体化]マゾ調教 by 小金井 響 (著)(二見書房)




クズな男を女体化してみたら案外可愛ったので飼ってみた by 彩葉 チヨ(著)(天海社)


クズな男を女体化してみたら案外可愛かったので飼ってみた [合本版]

クズな男を女体化してみたら案外可愛かったので飼ってみた [合本版]@DLsite

クズな男を女体化してみたら案外可愛ったので飼ってみた 1話@DMM
クズな男を女体化してみたら案外可愛ったので飼ってみた 1話@DLsite
クズな男を女体化してみたら案外可愛ったので飼ってみた 2話@DMM
クズな男を女体化してみたら案外可愛ったので飼ってみた 2話@DLsite
クズな男を女体化してみたら案外可愛ったので飼ってみた 3話@DLsite
クズな男を女体化してみたら案外可愛ったので飼ってみた 4話@DLsite
クズな男を女体化してみたら案外可愛ったので飼ってみた 5話@DLsite


He Was Turned Into a Girl by Lisa Change (著)

Redesigning My Brother 魔法で弟を女性化!?
Gender Swap Day 人類全てが性別逆転!?
My Husband, My Maid メイド・Fifiの失われた記憶が甦る。本当の自分と女王様の関係は!?
Trapped Between Her Legs 巨根自慢のMr.Stoneが仰け反る巨根を持つ職場同僚!?
She Turned Him into a Fembot セックスロボットが存在する未来で起きたトラブル!?

Ordinary schoolgirl Suzie has a not-so-ordinary secret. She’s a trainee witch, struggling simultaneously to deal with her powers and puberty. But when her older brother Mark ruins her day, she forgets that with great power comes great responsibility. In a fit of rage, Suzie uses her magic to turn her brother into her sister.

Trapped a beautiful, busty Marketa, Mark is suddenly forced to deal with hormones, makeup, and his new body’s overwhelming attraction to boys. To make matters worse, his old male friends suddenly have the hots for him, too! But time is running out. If Suzie can’t figure out a way to reverse the spell soon, they’ll both have to pay a price. Suzie will lose her powers, and Mark will be stuck forever as a beautiful school girl…

In the longest tale in her new collection, Redesigning My Brother: Making My Sister, Lisa Change – author of TG novel My New Life as a School Girl – invites you on a gender-bending high school rollercoaster romance that’s impossible to put down. The rest of the collection includes:

Gender Swap Day
One day, every single person on Earth wakes up to discover they’ve swapped gender. As chaos grips the planet, one transformed college boy sets out across London to find his former girlfriend… and discovers that being forced to become a girl maybe isn’t so terrible after all.

My Husband, My Maid
Somewhere in the French countryside, a beautiful busty maid toils away under her cruel mistress, unable to remember anything that happened more than five years ago. As Fifi gradually uncovers her past, she begins to realize her relationship with her mistress is more-twisted than she could ever have imagined…

Trapped Between Her Legs
Mr. Stone prides himself on being the boss from hell, a macho male who thinks with his genitals. But the girls at the office have a nasty surprise in store for him. One that involves him becoming the very thing he craves the most!

She Turned Him into a Fembot
In a world where hyper-attractive sexbots are normal, no-one thinks twice about buying a fembot to serve them. But what happens when a malfunction causes your personality and mind to accidentally be downloaded into your favorite fembot’s body?

Stolen Manhood 1-3 by Gwendolyn Wilde


Christoph isn’t sure what to expect from his new master…but he certainly doesn’t expect to be changed into a woman, dressed in fine clothes, and displayed for all to see. But the most shocking and humiliating part is how much he likes it, and how desperate he is to be used.

In Stolen Manhood 2, Christoph is still getting used to his new, female body. And the rest of the girls in the harem – including the futanari – are eager to teach the new slave her place.

In Stolen Manhood 3, Christoph – now Chrissa -- is eager to please her new master. But when her master is distracted with a new slave, she becomes rebellious, hoping to attract his attention. As punishment, her master gives her a task – the task of helping him train his newly transformed, proud slave.

女体化デュエリスト by 犬神教授(BCCKS Distribution)


posted with amazlet at 16.09.06
BCCKS Distribution (2016-03-17)









He Was Feminized: Two Raw Transgender Tales by Mindi Flyth (著)

"Your Name is Brandi Alexander" 目が覚めたアナタはBrandiと言う名のブロンドグラマー娼婦になっていた!?
"Full of Grace"妻のGraceを裏切ったRogerは魔法で彼女と肉体交換されてしまい!?

In "Your Name is Brandi Alexander" the reader experiences the tale first-hand, as "you" wake up on the street late one night to find yourself transformed into a sexy blond hooker named Brandi. But how did you get here, and who did this to you? If you can solve these mysteries, perhaps you can figure out some way to become a man again. But to do that, you'll have to resist your new body's strange and powerful new desires.

"Full of Grace" is a bodyswap tale like no other. Roger cheated on his wife Grace, and in revenge she used powerful magic to swap their bodies. But their bodies aren't all they swapped. Now Roger is talking like Grace, thinking like her and feeling her wants. He finds himself aching to be touched by the strong, handsome man he used to be, and Grace is delighted to seduce him with his own body. Poor Roger is afraid he might just get stuck living happily ever after... as his own wife.

Gender Swapped and Forced to Play Nurs by Lady Foraday (著)

Dr. Alisonのクリニックでナースにセクハラして居直る下衆男・Keith。帰って欲しければ痛み止めをタダで処方しろ!と凄み、まんまとせしめたはずが... 服用した翌朝、彼は女体化していた!戻してくれと泣きつくKeithにDr. Alison、「1日ナースを勤めて(セクハラされて)みなさい」!?

When Keith tries to blackmail a doctor for prescription drugs, he ends up getting a lot more than he bargained for. After taking what he thought was painkillers, he wakes up in the body of a beautiful woman! It doesn't take long for Keith to realize that his new body has new desires... ones he's afraid he might like. He begs the doctor to change him back, but after what he did, she's not about to go easy on him. If he wants to make it up to her, the only way is to play nurse...
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