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Filling in for His Sister by Barbara Deloto (著), Thomas Newgen (著)



A twin brother covers for a twin sister?
It’s spring break, and a twin brother is forced to fill in for his twin sister. She swaps their phones and goes on holiday, leaving him to manage her relationships in her absence. What situations will arise for this poor femboy? Will he manage to keep his stressed-out sister’s life in order and her relationships with her boyfriends intact when she’s secretly sneaks off to a singles resort, or will his life change forever?

Sissy By Mistake: Taken In The Mall by Klara Swift (著)



The store was meant to cover all of your needs, to give you exactly what you wanted. I never imagined what I wanted would be this.

When I gave the stylist full control over my outfit I figured that she’d pick something I was familiar with. I never imagined that she would see something in me that I didn’t even see in myself.

I can’t believe I went along with it, letting her make me up and slip me into this dress. But now that it’s on me I can’t deny that I look good, and neither can he.

The other salesman, alone in this changeroom with me. He’s giving me nothing but compliments, calling me beautiful, and I feel so drawn to his strong and reassuring bulk.

He knows the body I have underneath this light and airy dress. He knows that I’m hiding my secret and he doesn’t care, he wants me anyways.

And I want him.

おのこと。[シリーズ] by 所帯庵さん


ACT 8 ハメられ男の娘・リリース!

おのこと。ACT 1 黒ギャル男の娘

おのこと。ACT 1 黒ギャル男の娘@DLsite
おのこと。ACT 1 黒ギャル男の娘@FANZA


おのこと。ACT 2 ナース男の娘

おのこと。ACT 2 ナース男の娘@DLsite
おのこと。ACT 2 ナース男の娘@FANZA


おのこと。ACT 3 奴隷志願男の娘

おのこと。ACT 3 奴隷志願男の娘@DLsite
おのこと。ACT 3 奴隷志願男の娘@FANZA


おのこと。ACT 4 メイド男の娘

おのこと。ACT 4 メイド男の娘@DLsite
おのこと。ACT 4 メイド男の娘@FANZA


おのこと。ACT 5 双子男の娘

おのこと。ACT 5 双子男の娘@DLsite
おのこと。ACT 5 双子男の娘@FANZA


おのこと。ACT 6 露出調教男の娘

おのこと。ACT 6 露出調教男の娘@FANZA
おのこと。ACT 6 露出調教男の娘@DLsite


おのこと。ACT 7 堕とされ男の娘

おのこと。ACT 7 堕とされ男の娘@DLsite
おのこと。ACT 7 堕とされ男の娘@FANZA


おのこと。ACT 8 ハメられ男の娘

おのこと。ACT 8 ハメられ男の娘@DLsite
おのこと。ACT 8 ハメられ男の娘@FANZA


Business to Buxom: A Gender Bender Story by Terri Mightus (著)


背が低く印象を損しているビジネスマン・Matt。カンファレンスで業界の大物・Joseph Watsonを見かけ、彼に自分のプロジェクトを売り込もうと話しかけるがウエイターと間違われる始末。そこに謎の女性が現れあれこれと親切なアドバイス。売り込むためには何でもやれと言われたMattは意を決するが、それは彼がビジネスウーマン・Mandyに変身する始まりだった...!?

Matt isn’t the best businessman. People don’t take him seriously, and it doesn’t help that he’s short and quiet. It all comes to head when he visits one of the biggest conferences in his industry and tries to get a moment with Joseph Watson—THE big name in their industry. Joseph isn’t interested in talking to a small unassuming man that can’t properly fill out a suit.

Enter Matt’s fairy godmother. She offers him a chance to get his ideas to Joseph Watson, but she tells him he has to be willing to go all the way. Matt’s willing to do anything to get ahead, even if it means becoming Mandy.

Jock To Cheerleade by Sally Laces (著)


主人公Jamesはハイスクールの陸上選手。大事な試合をナメてかかって負けてしまい、スポーツスカラシップでの大学進学が危機に陥る。途方に暮れスカラシップ担当のMs. Stubeckに相談したJamesはチアリーディング部を紹介され出直すことを決意する。だがMs. Stubeckは彼を「女性」として登録!女子チア部員として部活する羽目になったJamesはそれでもスカラシップのため必死に頑張るが、フルタイム女装生活は彼を徐々に変えていき、フットボールの人気選手に恋心を...!?

When I got kicked off the team, I thought my life was over. Not only was I losing my chance at sporting glory, but I’d also be losing my scholarship to Herma University.

There was only one way to avoid disaster - a spot on the one team that still had an opening.

The cheerleading team.

If I’m going to be a cheerleader, I’ll have to look the part. That means a varsity top, a pleated skirt, and cheer shoes that only come in girl sizes. On a team of girls with long blonde hair and flawless makeup, I cannot stand out. Nobody can know I’m really a boy.

But when I start falling for the football team’s quarterback, I’ll have to ask myself who I am after all -

And what kind of girl I really want to be.

A Model Woman by Raven Black (著)



Sam has been trying to break into the artistic performance community for a long time now. His job as a photographer's assistant is the closest he's made it, and not much progress otherwise. He's terrified of talking to the models or breaking out on his own.

When his boss, Helena, makes him an offer to model in one of her shoots, Sam decides it's his best opportunity. What he doesn't know is that this is a photoshoot for crossdressing, and he'll need to be feminized to participate. Helena happily helps him with that, and Sam becomes Sylvia. She will have to pose with the other models, and carry herself properly. And, strangely, she thinks she actually likes it. Sylvia even runs into the model she had a crush on while Sam, but maybe this time she'll have the confidence to actually say something. Maybe more...

Will Sam make a convincing woman? Will he choose to stay like that?

He's The Perfect Wife: Laura's Girl by Francois Hagan (著)


両親に女性的なルックスや性格を弄られる主人公・John Billings。でもガールフレンドのLaura MasonはそんなJohnが大好き!彼を自分の花嫁そして貞淑な妻にしようと...!?

John Billings wanted nothing more in life than to be a bride and the perfect wife. His parents hated his feminine ways. His father belittled him and his mother teased him.
Laura Mason was John's girlfriend. She loved having a small, sensitive and weak boyfriend. To her he was "Miss right."
Laura wasn't gay, but didn't like big, macho guys or the overly educated know it alls. She wanted a guy who would be content to cook and clean and let her be the breadwinner. John seemed perfect.

Recruit to Babe by Hela Knotty (著)



Charlie’s new military career is threatened to be cut short as he fails the fitness exam. Luckily for him, he has the right genes for a medical experiment that will enable him to continue basic training. He jumps at the opportunity head first.

Soon his body begins undergoing unexpected feminine changes. The more he finds out about the experiment, the more concerned he becomes. But his new body doesn’t share the same worries.

For the first time in his life, Charlie feels like he fit in his body. He learns to see the value in his transformation. Soon he finds ways to serve his country and fellow soldiers with the new gift he was given.

Can Charlie focus on the task at hand?

Or will his new lust overtake all logic?

ヒラ族の話~チ〇ポの強さで雌雄を決める両性具有部族~ by イミテーショングリーンさん






Locked Up & Transformed: Genderswap, Feminization by Ava Hayes (著)



Daniel is doing time in the state penitentiary on some bogus trumped up charges. While on the inside he meets Alex, a seasoned inmate who let's him in on a little secret: prisoners who sign up for medical trials can get time knocked off their sentence, not to mention a few other privileges. Daniel doesn't have a lot to lose so he signs up. Little does he know his world is about to be turned upside down.

EO覚醒 by 葵妖児 (著)

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2015年に「六十三歳からのひとり桃源郷 至福のエクスタシーをきわめる」のタイトルで自費出版された作品です。その後で「おとこもおんなもニューハーフさんもエナジーオーガズム入門」として流通したこともあるので、お間違いなく。内容はエナジーオーガズムに到達するにはどうすればよいか、に絞られています。少しばかり寄り道もしていますが、ひとりで、あるいはお相手と一緒になってエナジーオーガズムを極めようとするまじめな本で、ありきたりのやり方で満足している人には用なしですが、それなりに悩んでいる人なら共感できる部分が多いのではないでしょうか。この本で是非マスターしていただき、身体と心の平安を獲得してください。

Pinky by Bernd Häckel (著)



A college student involuntarily finds their true self, with the help of a sorority.

A fun TG story, based on doodles made with an app called Facemaker.

Stress Relief by Stacey Zackerly (著)


仕事漬けの日々そして離婚問題を抱えストレスに悩まされる企業CEO、Richard Sherman。彼に、商売敵だが友人のBarton McAllisterが「リゾートで性欲溢れる女性になりきる」という変わったセラピーを紹介する。参加を思い立ったRichardは予約時とはコースを変えて「尻軽やりまん女性コース(bimbo therapy)」に参加するのだが...!?

Richard Sherman was a busy executive, running his own company, and dealing with the hassle of a messy divorce. When his friend, and business rival, Barton McAllister, suggested an unusual type of resort getaway to relieve some of his stress Richard was intrigued, until he discovered that the resort involved a complete mental and physical transformation into a sexually aggressive young woman. Despite his initial reservations Richard decided to give "bimbo therapy" a try, and found his life changed in more ways than he ever could have anticipated.

Nerd to Babe by Hela Knotty (著)


貧相な体格でモテないDannyは、筋骨隆々でモテモテの友人・Toddのようになりたいと思い詰め、ネット通販でステロイド錠剤を購入して服用を始めるが、その効果は彼が期待したものとは真逆... 女性化!ところが、女らしく変身したDannyのナイスバディが周囲の男どもの注目を集め、違う意味で「モテモテ」に...!?

Frustrated at being ignored by everyone, Danny decides to order steroid pills online to help him get bigger muscles. He wants the attention his popular jock roommate Todd routinely gets from women. He takes twice the recommended amount to speed up the process.

The very next day, he notices small subtle changes that gets everyone to notice him. But soon the effects escalate and Danny realizes his body is changing in entirely unpredictable ways.

As he scrambles to make sense of his transformation, he realizes his new voluptuous body comes with many perks. Men start noticing him, and Danny realizes he can’t help but want them back.

His new body has so many secret pleasures, new carnal desires that are waiting to be explored.

As Danny navigates life with his new body, will he be able to change back?

Transformation Vacation by D.L. Savage (著)


Cody's about to experience a total transformation ...
When Cody takes a solo vacation to a cabin in the woods, he's hoping for a little self-discovery. But what he doesn't realize is that his holiday home has a secret room: full of girly delights. Soon this shy, nervous guy undergoes a total transformation - dressing in a skimpy bikini and long blonde wig. And when the newly feminized Cody takes a trip to the nearby lake, he meets a hunky sunbathing stranger ...

Sibling Rivalry by Katie Lynn (著)



Mack has a problem. He's been changing. Now he needs someone to talk to and that means his best friend Toni.
What he doesn't expect is that Toni likes his changes. Especially the way Mack looks undressed with all his changes out in the open.

Hypnotism Gender Swap by Gal Horne (著)


Daniel's never felt comfortable in his body. He's always been an effeminate guy, and nasty comments from friends and strangers alike have made him hate the way he looks.

Daniel tries some hypnotherapy to help him feel better about his looks. But the effects of the therapy are more powerful than he could possibly have imagined.

Soon, Dan's going to be experiencing a powerful change, one that's not only going to make him love himself, but love any man he can get his newly feminine hands on.

A slow change gender swap romance.

Transformed By My Trainer by Ava Hayes (著)


「このままではマズイ....」お腹が出っ張りだして焦る26歳のAlexは何とかしようとジム通いを始める。ジムの名は「TRANSFORMATION フィットネスセンター」。トレーナーはブロンドのグラマー・Jenny。Jennyは「とっておきの手があるのよ...これ飲んでみて」とAlexに錠剤を渡し1日3回の服用を促す。さっそく効き目が現れ活力みなぎるAlex。やがて錠剤は彼の肉体を理想的に変えていく... それも女性の肉体に!?どうするAlex...。

Alex is down on himself. As this 26 year old inches toward 30 the inches on his waistline keep piling up. He decides to check out the new gym on the corner to take control of his life and get into fighting form. It's called the TRANSFORMATION Fitness Center and his personal trainer Jenny, a tall gorgeous blonde with a bubbly personality and the perfect body, is ready to whip him into shape. She claims to have secret weapon that will remake Alex overnight.

At the end of their first session she gives him a vial of serum to be taken three times a day. The first dose gives him a jolt of energy and confidence that immediately brightens his mood, but the second makes him change. The serum helps him attain a beautiful new body but not the one he had in mind. Now he's going to have to make a choice: stock up on panties and sports bras or return to his old life.

THE MIRACLE by Ursula Lovelace (著)




“This will help me walk again?”

Andy is a former baseball star who lost the ability to walk during a tragic accident. He’s given up all hope of playing baseball again. When a mega-conglomerate comes to him with an offer to test a new drug, the man figures he has nothing to lose. To his shock, the drug repairs his damaged body and helps him walk again.

The man feels completely rejuvenated and can’t wait to play baseball again. Andy finds out that he hasn’t lost his talent when he visits a local batting cage. However, baseball star learns that he got more than he bargained for. The drug has changed his body into that of a woman and he’s attracting male attention. Soon, Andy begins dressing up as a woman and takes an interest in men.

He’s going to do more than just walk with his new body!

カワイイ男の子が幼馴染のお姉さんに開発されてメス堕ち肉便器になるまで。 by 肉焼き亭さん





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