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CHANGED: A Feminization Collection : 6 Books by Grace Black (著)

Crazy In Love
Maid For Her
Big Mistake
Neighborhood Watch
A Helping Hand
On The Job

Six sizzling crossdressing and feminization stories...

Babewatch Bay by Gregor Daniels


It's summer, and you know what that means. The beaches are bustling with bikini-clad babes! However, away from the crowds lies a little known secret beneath the waves: an old shipwreck. But, this wasn't just any regular accident. And every few years, the ghosts of three girls find a way onshore to have a little bit of fun. Unfortunately for a select few, they need some bodies to borrow first!

The Sissy Secretary by Annie DuBois (著)

大企業のCEO・Patricia McGuinessは自身の秘書探しに苦労していたが、ようやく希望に添う若者を雇用することに成功するが、人材探しに苦労したのには深いわけがあった。仕事が出来るだけでなく、Patariciaの言いなりに女装してプレイの相手も務めるという能力が必要だったから...!?

There's an executive secretary position that needs filling and after a long day of unsuccessful interviews, CEO Patricia McGuiness finally meets the young man who is willing get the job done. Not only can he type and take dictation, he's also willing to shave his body, don a pair of panties, and fulfill every kinky need that the boss has!

Tropical Island Gender Swap by Gal Horne (著)


Mark has had a tough year: his girlfriend left him, he and his best friend had a bust-up, and then, to top it all, he lost his job. To try and get back the spark in his life, Mark decides to treat himself. He books himself onto a luxury cruise of the South Pacific, and prepares for the trip of a lifetime.

What Mark doesn't realize, when he embarks upon that cruise ship, is just how life-changing his holiday is about to be. And not just emotionally... physically too.

After one too many beers at the pool bar, Mark has an unfortunate accident and falls into the deep, blue ocean. When he wakes up to find himself stranded on a strange, tropical island, he's a little panicked to say the least. Luckily, he finds an unusual pink plant, containing lots of delicious, refreshing nectar for him to drink and hydrate himself while he tries to figure out his bizarre new situation.

The nectar does more than refresh him though. It slowly transforms his mind - and body - into that of a Polynesian goddess. And when a group of muscular, attractive Islanders find him with his hot, new form, they can't resist their primal urges... and Mark can't resist succumbing to them, one by one...

A slow change gender switch romance.

Bridal Swap: First Time Feminization by Erin Andre (著)


Jason and his sister Molly have always been close - in age, as well as in looks. Molly's wedding is next week, and as a surprise gift to her husband-to-be, she is having sexy boudoir photos taken. When she wakes up on the day of the photo shoot with a nasty allergic reaction, there is only one solution: to dress her younger brother in bridal lingerie and have him pose in her place.

Sissyfication Training Collection: 12 Books Feminization Crossdressing Bundle by Amy Stevens (著)

Amy Stevensさん過去作品12本のバンドル、お徳です!



Pop Star Gender Swap by Candy Banger (著)


When Brad is transformed just before a big gig, his other band members are surprised to say the least. At first he's reluctant, and horrified by his new form. Soon, when he realizes the change is permanent, he starts to appreciate his curvaceous, feminine body. He starts to feel things he's never felt before.

Soon, the whole band are going to be coming together in a whole new way, hard and without protection!

He Joined the Army to Become a Man...But Was Turned Into a Sissy by Sarah Millward (著)


Mark's girlfriend Amy urges him to join the army ,'to make a man of you.' However, after joining up, the opposite happens, as his very identity is humiliatingly questioned and degradingly subverted.
Contains femdom humiliation, gay humiliation, sissification, forced feminization, including surgical, and more

The Lady Labyrinth by KayDee Sommers (著)


Three men awake in a small room with one simple instruction - find an exit in twenty-four hours. What begins as an escape attempt will become a battle for their souls as the men's bodies and minds are twisted into new and seductive forms. Now, the question is will they want to leave?

Three separate transformations involving bimbos, sissies and situations too hot for description!

A Cheating Husband's Sissy Punishment: A Sissy's Salon Fantasy Series by Noemi Looxii (著)


Written in second person, you are the cheating husband in this sissy punishment salon fantasy. Quiver in fear and excitement as your wife details her sissy punishment plans for you - from taking you out in public for femme women's clothes shopping and then to the beauty salon, where you will receive a perm and a roller set. How will the bystanders react? Haha, you will be so humiliated.

Wait, you're wanting more of a description? What a greedy sissy! Buy the short story to learn about your special night out with your wife and her girlfriends. Your ass won't ever be the same again.

[グロッセ・グラッセ] GrosseGlace Bubble Candy イヤリング グリーン GA60804
Grosse Glace(グロッセ・グラッセ)
売り上げランキング: 22,385

Crew's Brid by Felicia Angel (著),‎ N.T. Morley (編集)


苦労知らずの御曹司・Felixは外洋貨物船・Eastern Horizon号の乗組員を務める「海外インターンシップ」に参加するが、その現実は、酒とギャンブルに明け暮れる異国の荒くれ船員たちとの共同生活で、生真面目に働くだけのFelixは周囲と反りが合わず孤立を深め苦しんでいき、我慢の限界に達したFelixはある日酒に手を出し飲んだくれ、"Crew's Bride"というゲームに参加して大負けしてしまう。ロシア語で受けた説明からゲームを高額のギャンブルだとばかり思っていたFelixだがそれはとんでもない誤解で、本当は女日照り解消のために連中が思いついた「負けた奴は一ヶ月間クルーの『嫁』として性処理要員になる」ゲームだったのだ!強制的に体毛を剃られ、女性の服を着せられ、化粧されたFelixはダンスを踊らされ、女性名”Felicia”で呼ばれ、先月の「嫁」をやらされたSergeを「新郎」に迎え彼に無理矢理「処女」を奪われる。そしてこの体験はFellix=Feliciaを「目覚め」させることになる。「終着地まで『嫁』を務める方がシアワセかしら、アタシ...」

Spoiled college brat Felix opts for an educationally innovative kind of "internship abroad" program that puts him on board the cargo ship Eastern Horizon with a hard-drinking, hard-fighting crew of Russian, Greek and Ukrainian sailors. Felix knows this is his chance to prove he's a man, even if the drunken brutes are kind of a pain in his ass.

Unfortunately, Felix finds his crewmates less than impressed by his money and connections. After seventeen weeks at sea without leave, what they care about is vodka, gambling, and screwing. With his aversion to hard work and distaste for the crew's rough-hewn ways, Felix gets on everyone's nerves.

Angry at being excluded from the "brotherhood" of the crew, one night the vodka-addled Felix blunders his way into a dice game they call "Crew's Bride." Despite repeated warnings that this is a game with high stakes, Felix insists on playing... and loses.

Only then does Felix realize what that means -- and the crew couldn't be happier. Felix's nearly non-existent Russian led to a misunderstanding; he thought he was playing for monetary stakes that his rich father's money could cover if he lost. But as it turns out, only Felix's sweet, hot, tight ass can satisfy his bet.

Whisked off to the showers by the burly Boris, Grigor and Pavlya, Felix finds himself shaved head to toe -- with particular attention paid to certain "intimate parts." Some more vodka eases the sting to Felix's pride as he is dressed in a white bridal nightie, white stockings and white high heels. His face is painted with eye shadow, lipstick, and mascara; his long hippy college-boy hair is teased out in the kind of provocative, feminine cut burly Russian sailors love to grab while they're doing their business.

Renamed "Felicia," the drunker-than-ever Felix is paraded back out to the crew's mess. There, he has to dance for their pleasure -- but Felix is not much of a dancer. The crew doesn't care, though, because they've already played dice to decide who gets first crack at "Felicia." It turns out it's Serge, the burliest, hairiest, sweatiest of all the sailors... who just so happened to serve as "Crew's Bride" last month, so he knows where Felicia's coming from.

Bent over hard and bound to a bunk, "Felicia" feels the sharp stab of humiliation cutting through her drunken excitement... but is it bad that he's not trying to argue or fight his way out of this?

After all, he did lose fair and square... and he wants the crew to accept him... even if it means being "Crew's Bride" for a night -- or even the rest of the voyage!

Feminized in the Name of God by Yu Sakurazawa (著)

舞台はインド。代々「デーヴァダーシー」を務める一族のAnitaは息子・Lakshを出産するが、一族を仕切る祖母(Anitaの母)は跡継ぎが生まれなかったことで悲嘆に暮れる。思春期を迎えたLakshは学校で学ぶことを志すが、祖母に強制され「デーヴァダーシー」Lilyにされてしまう。女性として生きるほか無くなったLilyだが「デーヴァダーシー」を止めてボーイフレンド・Vivek Joshiと結婚して教育を受けたいという思いは強く...!?

Laksh is born to a temple dancer cum prostitute named Anita. Laksh’s grandma is unhappy that her fair and lovely grandchild is a baby boy. She had hoped that Anita would give birth to a baby girl, who could later be forced into prostitution. As Laksh grows into puberty, his evil grandma surreptitiously feminizes him. Laksh, now called Lily, is now a beautiful young woman. Lily, a trained dancer, is forced to perform for Desai, a depraved rich young man. Desai wishes to make Lily his mistress, but Lily wants to grow up to be an educated trans woman and marry her boyfriend, Vivek Joshi. Will Lily be able to live the life of her dreams and escape the web of prostitution her grandma has spun for her?

Panties and Briefs by Kylie Gable (著), Claudia Acosta (著)


Panties and Briefs (English Edition)
Candy Apple Press (2018-03-22)

Jax is used to things coming easy to him and law school is no different. He's fighting it out with Estephanie for first in his class and he's not above playing dirty to come out on top. Estephanie has fought for everything she's ever had and when she catches Jax in a plot to take her out of the competition, she calls over her best friend Gabriella and the two of them know that payback is a bitch. Jax will be a bitch to by the time they're done with him.

BLACKMAILED by Nikki Crescent (著)


It’s a late spring night when Andy receives a text message from an unknown number: ‘Do exactly as I say or I leak these photos.’ Somehow, the stranger has photos of Andy dolled up in his sister’s lingerie.

Andy doesn’t think twice—he’s ready to do anything to stop those photos from getting around his school, even if his tormentor wants him to go further than just getting dolled up.

But who is the tormentor? Is it an old enemy? A friend? Or possibly a secret admirer?

The Agent from S.I.S.S.Y.: The adventures of a very special, SISSY, covert operations agent by Paulette Peril (著)

特務機関”SISSYCO”のエージェント・Richard Hansonが金髪美女に変装して行方不明、売春、麻薬取引、人身売買事件解決に活躍するシリーズの第2作、2編収録。

”The Hideous Oligarch Escort Caper”

”The Case of the Missing Heiresses”

We were first introduced to Richard, and to his SISSY operations, in the previous book, The Great She-male SEXploitation Racket.

These are just two more of his countless stories :-

1.The Hideous Oligarch Escort Caper
Richard spends his days, in the bars, and on the streets, as a “dressed to thrill” hooker, acting as bait, as he attempts to trace three missing young women. He soon finds himself taken, and used as a female escort to some very wealthy people.

2.The Case of the Missing Heiresses
Richard assumes the disguise of an American socialite and heiress, to infiltrate, and smash, a criminal gang, which is kidnapping wealthy women, and terrorizing the playgrounds of the rich and famous.

Follow his exploits, as both of these two cases are covered on the following pages.

「禁断の閉鎖病棟」/Forbidden Asylum: Feminized in Insanity by 桜沢ゆう/Yu Sakurazawa (著)



Ray's car breaks down in a deserted section of a highway. There is nobody in sight. His cell phone is dead. He walks a few minutes looking for help and finds a building which appears to be an old hospital.Ray walks in and feels something is very wrong. The place is called "Vicent Asylum". The manager calls him Rachael and treats him as if he was a woman suffering from the delusion that she is male. So does the nurse. Ray is stuck in Vincent Asylum.

禁断の閉鎖病棟 (日英TS文庫)
売り上げランキング: 5,882

「禁断の閉鎖病棟」は2016年5月にAmazon.comで出版された"Forbidden Asylum"の日本語版TSホラー小説です。


The Great She-male SEXploitation Racket: A job for S.I.S.S.Y. agent, Richard Hanson by Paulette Peril (著)

英国の特務機関”SISSYCO”のエージェント・Richard Hansonが金髪美女Tracyに変装して行方不明、売春、麻薬取引、人身売買事件解決に活躍するシリーズの第1作。かつてRichardが壊滅させた、ストレート男性を誘拐し変態プレイ上等のシーメール娼婦へと調教・改造して売り飛ばすという恐るべき犯罪組織が復活して活動を始めたと言う情報を得て、Richardと相棒Nickは被害者になって潜入するという危険な囮捜査を開始するが...!?

Meet Richard Hanson, Dick to his friends, but often known as Tracy, by his colleagues in SISSY. Richard is a Covert Operations Agent, an undercover agent for SISSYCO, the Special Investigations into Serious and Sexually-motivated Criminal Operations team.

Richard spends most of his working week, dressed as a woman. Undercover and, occasionally, under covers! His slight build, his blond hair and his deep, deep, blue eyes, and somewhat feminine features, made him the ideal choice to work, disguised as, and alongside, his female colleagues in their covert operations team, looking into Missing Persons, Prostitution, Drug and Slave Trafficking Rings and other serious or sexually motivated crimes.

For five years now, Richard has worked on some of the most notorious abduction and slave-trafficking cases to come under the team’s jurisdiction. He is a legend, within the highly secretive organisation, for the sheer, huge, number, of solved casebook files and successful convictions. He’s seen it all, is as tough as old boots, and he’s experienced some highly dangerous adventures, in his quest to bring to justice, or simply eradicate, some of the deadliest, deepest and darkest, and most deranged, criminal minds in the business.

In this case, he has been teamed with S.I.S.S.Y. colleague Nick, and both are on a covert mission to infiltrate and smash a she-male trafficking ring, now operating in the UK. These dastardly villains are taking innocent young men off the city streets, and from the bars, and transforming them into beautiful, she-males, destined to be sold to the highest bidders and facing a life as latex, and leather, and satin-clad, she-male, slaves, in some far-flung foreign state.

Will the same fate befall our two intrepid heroes? Find out in this shorter story from Paulette Peril.

Peeping Tom by D.L. Savage (著)

セクシーな継妹・Jennaのプライベートを見たい欲望に駆られたTomは彼女の部屋のクローゼットに忍び込み、Jennaと彼女の友人・Amyの着替えシーンを覗き見するが、バレてしまう。罰として二人に女装させられEvaと名乗らされる”Peeping Tom”...!?

Tom's in deep trouble ...
Tom's always been curious to know what his slutty stepsister Jenna gets up to, and one night he decides to find out. So he hides in her closet, tucked behind her dresses, and watches as she tries on outfits with her best friend Amy. But when the girls discover him, they dream up a fitting punishment. Before he knows it, this nerdy guy finds himself plunged into a world of first time feminization, as the girls transform Tom into Eva ...

Joining My Step-Sister's Cheer Squad: Complete!: Forced Feminization With Spirit! by Alyssa Paige (著)


What's a guy to do when his gorgeous, cheerleader step-sister leaves the house? Why, sneak into her room and try on her things of course! Little does poor Rob know that his step-sister Krystal is aware of his filthy transgressions and decides to ruin his life in reparation for how rude he has been to her. If that wasn't bad enough, Krystal's friend Jen has even bigger plans... if Rob wants to wear women's clothes, why not help him achieve that goal? In the most humiliating way possible, of course. Now, caught and exposed for the sissy he is... Rob's shame is only just beginning. Now collected for the first time, join Rob as he gets pulled deeper and deeper into the feminized life he never knew he craved!

The Conman's Bikin by Holly Sharp (著)

(紹介文では無く本文からあらすじを起こしています)Daniel Minchinは豊胸手術を受け女性に成りすまし、ターゲットの億万長者Banjamin Davisを殺し未亡人として遺産相続、そして男に戻って高飛びという完全犯罪計画を計画し婚約まで漕ぎ着けるが失敗、Banjaminに「豊胸オカマ詐欺師」として世界中に風評を流されてしまう。なんとかオーストラリアに逃げ延びたDanielはBanjaminへの復讐を誓うが、逃亡生活は苦しく、「巨根シーメール」の身ひとつでカネを稼がねばならず...

Desperate con-artist, Daniel Minchin – disguised as his voluptuous alter-ego, Priscilla Ellington – goes to the beach with his new victim in a string bikini. When a wave crashes into him and takes his bikini bottoms with it, Minchin must race against time to find a way to hide his giant schlong, save himself from exposure and public humiliation, and keep his scam alive.

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