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My Son, The Actress (TV FICTION CLASSIC Book 70) by Sandy Thomas


"Mom, these are panties!?”
“Really?” Ellen laughed, “I know dear. Remember that sale I mentioned when I bought you those bras? Well there were several bra and panty sets that I got for a great price.”
Terry stared in surprise. The panties looked beautiful, soft shiny and trimmed with matching colored lace. His mother held up the matching bra. It was a perfect match for the panties. It had shiny cups decorated with dark red lace and thin straps. He felt he should resist, but one look at the sensuous lingerie and his protests melted on his lips.
“Oh, Mom, it’s so girlish!” was all he could muster.
“I like it, do you?”
“It's unbelievable." Terry gasped, still looking in the mirror. “It makes me feel....

Swapped In The Office: Seducing My Boss In The Office - An Erotic Taboo Forbidden Gender Swap Tale by River Belle (著)


Rik is having a very bad day. Fired from work by his perverted boss, he decides to drown his sorrows at a strange old bar. That's where he meets Sonya, a woman with strange, erotic powers and dark secret.

She gives him a chance to get his own back on his awful ex-boss, and makes sure that he never sees the world in the same way again.

My Husband Wants To Be A Girl by Tracy Ash (著)


My husband tried something new in bed, and
I discovered his secret. He has had feminine urges for
a long time. Learning my husband’s weakness gave
me the chance to search for excitement. I needed
a man in my life—a real man.
I decided to take my husband shopping……….
in my kind of stores. After a day of buying his new
female wardrobe, he came home feeling all girlie.
Wanting to test his new femininity, I had
arranged for a male co-worker to meet us at home.
Wearing his new lingerie, my husband’s feminine
urges were racing through his body and he couldn’t
wait to join my friend and me.

The Cop's Sissy by Kinky Press (著)



Chris has been a bad boy.

He’s been caught red handed, and now he has to serve his time – just not how he was expecting. Officer Flannegan thinks they can keep this indiscretion between the two of them – as long as Chris understands exactly what is expected of him.

Officer Flannegan likes the services provided, but he also insists on being the ONLY man of the house.

Chris’s transformation begins. New clothes, new makeup, new breasts, you name it, Chris gives in to Officer Flannegan’s every desire.

How far is he willing to go to please his new master? Will he bend over once and for all and let go of his manhood?

I Stole My Boss's Body! by Veronica Sloan (著)


Sasha's boss is a chauvinistic pig. Sure, Trent's handsome, but that doesn't mean she wants his hand on her while she gives the most important presentation of her career. Infuriated by his sexist antics, Sasha turns to her mystic grandmother for help. To her surprise, Grandma switches their bodies! Now Sasha is Trent and Trent is Sasha, and neither can resist the temptation of their new form!

FEMINIZED IN PRISON by Nikki Crescent (著)


Daniel Moore had forgotten that he robbed that convenience store five years back, long before he went clean and got his life together. Unfortunately, no crime goes unpunished. When he hears that his old accomplice decided to come forward, he knows it’s only a matter of time before they come for him.

And he knows he won’t survive in prison, not with his small, thin, and feminine body—not a man’s prison, anyway. But he has to think fast, and he might have a crazy idea that will get him into a prison for women.

She Turned You Into a Beautiful Girl: by Lisa Change (著)

Lisa Change作品13本バンドル、お徳です!!

Trapped as His Best Friend’s Wife
Becoming Zoe (Parts I-III)
Swapped For Her Birthday
She Forced Him to Get Pregnant
He Became Her Slave Girl
Turned Into His Sister’s Maid,
Swapped Into a Cheerleader
Turned Into Her Sexy Asian Secretary
She Turned Him Into a Virgin Bride   他

Swapped: Egyptian Curse by B.J. Sackrider (著)


I like rough sex. Tie a woman up and spank her until she squeals kind of sex. But after a night with a mysterious Egyptian woman I’ve been cursed for all my naughty ways. Now my body is changing in ways I never could have imagined.

Sleep With My Wife? Become My Bitch by Aaron Sans


Sleep With My Wife? Become My Bitch (A Demented BDSM/Feminization Erotica) (English Edition)

After my wife cheats on me with a small red-headed man, I force him to become my feminized slave by giving him hormones, rough anal sex, and surgeries...

Turned into a Sexy Hotel Maid: A Young Man's Unexpected Journey into a World of Forced Feminization and Sexual Service by Rebecca Sterne (著)


Alex is a young man desperate for work. Sent to fill a vacancy in a prestigious hotel his casual appearance is soon questioned by his new and fearsome supervisor. Short-handed and in need of additional help a compromise is quickly found, one that sees him being stripped of his male clothing.

He soon finds himself falling foul of one of the hotel’s most important VIP guests, and having suffered the embarrassment of being mistaken for a girl, he is soon coerced into donning a far more traditional uniform, one usually reserved for female maids only. A series of sexual encounters are soon to follow in his new guise, taking him ever deeper into a deception that leaves him reeling from his own shocking acts of intimacy.

Can Alex overcome this most unexpected of first days as a hotel employee, or will he be pulled ever deeper into a world of feminization and sexual service?

FEMINIZED FOR HER by Nikki Crescent (著)


Brennan’s got a thing for his step-sister’s new friend, Cassie. She’s funny and cute, but there’s one problem: she’s a lesbian. That doesn’t stop Brennan from fantasizing—a fantasy which gets so carried away, he finds himself in his step-sister’s bedroom, seeing if he could be a lady for Cassie.

After Brennan’s step-sister catches him in a wig and a full face of makeup, she realizes she might just be able to help him out, but it’s going to involve some serious feminization.

Turned into a Girl: The Clinic by B.J. Sackrider (著)


Matt has always had a problem.

An awkward problem.

He's struck with the rare and terrible disorder of not being able to reach orgasm. After desperately looking for a solution to his problem he stumbles upon a medical clinic that treats his condition along with other sexual ailments…
After his treatment he'll soon find himself exploring his sexuality in ways he could have never imagined.

How will he handle his new....transformation?

The Lucy Experiment by D.L. Savage (著)

科学者のJonathanは自分の研究プロジェクトが打ち切られる危機に直面し、自分を被験者にして開発中の薬の実験を始める!?その結果彼の肉体と精神は変わり始め!?”The Lucy Experiment”の行方は!?

When Jonathan Edwards faces the possibility of losing years of research on his secret project, he does the only thing he can: injecting himself with his own 'femme trans' serum. While looked after by his hunky lab assistant Stephen, Doctor Edwards immediately starts noticing changes ... discovering that both his body and his mind are transforming into those of a sexy young woman.

Luckily Jonathan has Jill, Stephen's sassy girlfriend, to turn to for advice. Jill teaches him how to dress, act and behave like a woman. But that's only just the beginning of ... The Lucy Experiment.

Becoming Becky : The Complete Series by Ben Schrodinger



Paul is an impulsive gambler who thinks he always knows the odds.
While drinking with his friends, they bump into an old acquaintance who tells them he’s making a fortune in the adult entertainment industry. They jump at the chance to be ‘actors’ in his next ‘movie, but when they meet at the hotel room, things don’t go as expected.
Paul thinks he always knows the odds, but what were the odds of Becoming Becky?

Paul needs money desperately but the last thing he wants is to sell his beloved motorcycle.
Reluctantly, he agrees to take the gender swap drug a second time and become Busty Becky for the Tony’s film crew. He has only one condition; no dudes.
But when Tony screws him over, he finds out that changing back is not as easy as he thought.
Now he’s stuck as Becky, and the drug won’t stop turning him on!

It’s all gone wrong. Paul is still stuck as Busty Becky and who knows when Tony will decide to change him back?
In desperation, Paul and Trevor double-cross Tony and steal the antidote, but things go horribly wrong.
Now Paul is even more drastically altered, and Trevor is stuck as a girl too!
Will they find a way back to their old bodies? Find out in this final instalment of the Becoming Becky series.

Cyber S.H.E. by Jessie Ash (著)

教授・John Meltzは驚異的な発明を成し遂げるがそれは世界を滅亡させかねない危険なモノでもあった。発明を悪用から護るために全力を尽くす覚悟を決めた教授だが、それは彼の人生を永久に変えることに...!?

Professor John Meltz is finally ready to reveal his big scientific breakthrough. A project he has dedicated his whole life to working on. Unfortunately, the techno-marvel he thought could revolutionize the world might actually ruin it. Now he is doing whatever it takes to defend his creation. The question is, how far is he willing to go? The answer might ultimately change his life forever.

THE BIG SWITCH by Nikki Crescent (著)


Jake has a lot of problems: his criminal history is stopping him from going to school and getting a decent job, he loves wearing his sister’s clothes but his family is super religious and would kill him if they ever found out, and he’s in love with his straight best friend, Kurt.

But there’s a simple solution to all of his problems… All he has to do is stage his own death and re-emerge as a new person, a beautiful woman named Amanda.

MIKEY NEEDS A GIRLFRIEND by Nikki Crescent (著)


One of Aaron’s schoolmates, Mikey, isn’t very popular. He doesn’t have any friends, and with the prom coming up, it’s looking like he won’t have a date. That is, unless his mother has something to do about it.

With all the school’s girls spoken for, Mikey’s mom is willing to do anything to make sure her son has a date for prom, even if it means paying Aaron to dress up and spend a weekend learning how to be a proper woman. The catch is, her precious Mikey can’t find out.

The Wrong Pill by Julia Trask (著)


John hates his life as an old, cranky man. He misses his youth and knows if given a chance he would enjoy it to the fullest. He's awestruck when he discovers a special drug that makes his wish a reality.

With his inhibitions out the window, and a new young body John can make all his filthiest fantasies come true. That is, until an unfortunate transformation strikes his body and John resorts to acts that make him question the fluidity of his sexuality.

Switched - Into Another Body: Gender Swap Erotica by Tabatha Wild (著)


Raymond Taylor is a happily married young man celebrating a promotion at a nightclub with work colleagues and friends. He foolishly lets his guard down, when an attractive girl starts chatting with him at the bar. The girl, Sally, is overfriendly and immediately puts him at his ease. She buys a round and then asks him to take her home.
They walk across a deserted park and she cajoles him into undressing with a view to having sex on the grass. While kissing, Sally holds a sparkling pendant between their heads. Ray, drunk and confused, can’t believe his eyes when instead of Sally kneeling on the grass before him, he sees himself.
His doppelganger delivers a punch, knocking out the luckless young woman and hurries away. Sally/Raymond wakes to find she’s living in a young woman’s body. The girl has a history of schizophrenia and she/he soon discovers that parts of Sally’s character remains in her body.
From her first embarrassing medical examination, Sally discovers that living in a girl’s body is one long nightmare, especially when she is expected to perform for a depraved professional who should be treating her illness and caring for her.

My Sissy Feminization: Four Transgender Femdom Assignments Erotica Books by BJ Slippy (著)


Four Transgender Femdom Assignments Erotica Books

Are you into femdom and feminization sissy assignments? You're going to want to grab this hot collection of FOUR BOOKS that will take your imagination to new places. Click Look Inside for more hot details.
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