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Faking It: Male Friend Becomes the Bride by Clover Cox (著)


「結婚したい...」主人公・Dennis Hensleyの思いは切実だった。そして、思い余った彼は、小柄で痩せてる友人・Josephに花嫁になってくれと頼み込む!断り切れずにJosephはJoとして花嫁を演じるのだが、それは彼の奥底に眠っていたものを呼び覚まし、ふたりの間に本当の恋愛感情が...!?

What happens when Dennis Hensley is desperate for a bride? He doesn’t take a traditional route by finding a woman. Instead, he asks his shorter, thin friend Joseph.

Little does Joseph know, but secret desires lie deep within him. Dennis’ proposal unleashes all those hidden cravings as Joseph becomes Jo, a woman who commands attention.

Spy Cam: First Time Feminization by DL Savage (著)



Who's spying on who?
Cameron's developed a devious fascination with two of the girls in his office and one day his curiosity truly spins out of control. He picks up a spy camera in order to watch them getting undressed in the locker rooms, but when the girls discover his plan they decide to turn the tables and give him a taste of his own medicine, feminizing and sissifying him until he's truly learnt his lesson ...

The Solo Honeymoon by JD Wilcox (著)



Yesterday was supposed to be the day Barry married the love of his life but that was before he walked in on her and his best friend, who would have been his best man. Desperate to be alone after such a shocking discovery, and with the tickets to their already paid for honeymoon to a secluded Caribbean island in hand, he takes the trip alone.

Soon, he discovers that being alone wasn’t what he needed when he has a chance meeting with an older woman, ending his seclusion. Not only is she willing to help take his mind off of his problems, she’s intent on making more changes to his life starting with a change into one of her bikinis.

The Solo Honeymoon is only the beginning of Barry’s gender bending adventures at the hands of the beguiling older woman. Will her changes take hold and become permanent or will he return to his old life at the end of the week long honeymoon? the answers will come in future volumes.

LIGHTS, LIPSTICK, ACTION: Crossdressing, Feminization by Nikki Crescent (著)



It’s true that you can sleep your way to the top in the film and television industry. Dale didn’t believe it, until he tried it. After rolling around with a few old producer ladies, he’s found himself with a top agent and a major role on a new television series. His future is looking bright.

But he’s so excited to sign onto the show that he doesn’t bother to read the stack of scripts sent directly to his house, so he has no idea that he’s agreeing to playing a male-to-female transgender—and he’s completely oblivious to the few on-screen intimate scenes.

Spin the Bottle: First Time Feminization by DL Savage (著)


6人の男女が人里離れたコテージで週末を過ごすことになる。パーティーやセックスで大いに盛り上がりたい6人は「スピンザボトル」(寝かせた瓶をくるくる回し止まった時に瓶口が向いた人物に罰ゲームをさせたりするパーティーゲーム)に興じることになるが、男4人女2人ではバランスが悪い... そこで、男1名にひと晩女性になってもらう(そしてその「女性」とベッドをともにする男性もいることに)ということでボトルが回される... 果たして「犠牲者」は!?

Who's it going to land on?
When a group of friends take a weekend vacation at a remote cottage, they just want to party. And to spice things up a little someone suggests a game of spin the bottle. But there's four guys and only two girls, so to make things fairer they decide to switch up the game a little. Whoever the bottle lands on gets turned into a girl for the rest of the night! So, who's it gonna be?

ハッテンビーチ*強制尻穴デビュー by パルコ長嶋 盈(一水社(男の娘・れくしょんっ!))



ハッテンビーチ*強制尻穴デビュー(単話) @FANZA
月刊Web男の娘・れくしょんッ!S Vol.40@FANZA


Sissy Professor Caught Red-Handed by Scarlett Steele (著)


若き大学教授・Marcoは女子学生・ Tinaが好きでいろいろちょっかいを出すが彼女の反応はつれない。思い余ったMarcoは彼女がジムに行くタイミングを見計らってショーツを失敬してシャワーを浴びながらオナニー...。しかしそこを見つかってしまう!激怒したTinaは彼の性根をたたき直すべく、強制女装調教を施すことにする。どうなるMarco...!?

Professor Sissy Explores His Femininity!

Young college professor Marco can’t help flirting endlessly with his student Tina, despite her reluctance to reciprocate.

Intent on getting her attention even further, Professor Marco decides to help himself to Tina’s panties while she is in the gym.

To both her horror and amusement, the attractive blonde finds her professor pleasuring himself in the showers with her own underwear.

And intent on teaching her superior a lesson in respect and humility, the student decides to transform her Professor from a professional male to an obedient sissy!

Sissy Loaning: A Feminization Story of Submission by Michael Levi (著)




Gerald became a bank manager after a series of failures and hardships in his professional life. Back when he was in college, Norris, a guy that was stronger and taller than him, became his bully and merciless oppressor. Now, that same bully comes to his bank asking for a loan, and Gerald has the perfect opportunity to exact his revenge. A new sissy is born when Norris signs below the fine print.

Gerald’s story of revenge continues. Another bully comes to his bank asking for a loan. After having learned the power of the fine print, his heart beats faster at the prospect of turning Tim into a sissy as well. All that the brute needs to do is to grab the pen and sign his name at the end of the document.

Gerald's story of revenge is finished, but he is not yet satisfied with his sissies; he needs another one. A bartender by the name of Sean catches his attention the first time they meet. Sean becomes his crush, and one night, he consents to come with him to his house after agreeing on a loan. However, the innocent bartender has no idea that Gerald plans to bring out his feminine side, including dressing him and making him do things he would never do in normal circumstances.

Whatever It Takes: Transformation, First Time Feminization by Jane Futa (著)



Preston is a rich kid set to inherit his dad's company. But he's been described as a PR nightmare, and Preston only has one shot left to change. If he doesn't learn to keep his mouth shut, Preston will have to forfeit the company to a stern woman named Laurie. To prove himself, he's going to have to work alongside Laurie for the next year. But Laurie has some special plans for Preston to help him find his "feminine" side. With a daily dose of strange pills, Preston's body starts to change before his very eyes. But that's not the only thing that's different. His desires are changing too. From lingerie to boys, Preston is going to learn first hand what it means to be a woman. Maybe then he'll learn to keep his mouth shut unless he wants it filled.

Wedding Wide Receiver: Crossdressing, Feminization by Alexi Lane (著)



Carl was the best wide receiver in professional football. The key word in that statement is the word, was. Carl was smart enough to leave the game with his health still intact. Now that he’s retired from professional football at only thirty years of age, he plans to spend his newly found free time to settle down with the woman he loves. He is set for life financially and about to marry a dreamboat of a Brazilian supermodel.
His upcoming wedding feels like the perfect time to catch up with old friends. After all he’s got all the time in the world now to become reacquainted with his old high school buddies. That includes getting in touch with his old high school quarterback Dylan whom he hasn’t seen in twelve long years. Indeed, he’s asked Dylan to be his best man in order to lure him back home from the west coast. Things couldn’t be better for Carl right now. That is, until Dylan shows up as a she instead of a he and has plans on setting Carl’s backfield in motion. Is the sexy Dylan got what it takes to make Carl go back to being a wide receiver? Possibly, but one thing is for certain and that’s that at least one of them is ending up this wedding season as a split end?

Becoming The Demon King's Plaything by Grace Morgan (著)



Daniel is in a dilemma. Without a job and no income, he's at risk of being evicted from his apartment in two weeks. While walking in town one day, he sees a help wanted sign and decides to investigate. Unknown to him, the Demon King, Dozmos, is inside waiting for him. Now under a contract with the King of Demons, he finds himself in yet another predicament.

Dozmos is in need of a queen to rule the underworld with him. He has his eyes sight on Daniel, determined to change him into Danielle, a creature of sexual pleasure and a succubus who will serve him and rule at his side.

My Audition As A Woman: Becoming A Woman To Get The Part by Sophie Pert (著), Klara Swift (著)



When you want to make it as an actor you have to take any advantage you can get. And in an industry where beauty is prized above all else I was really left with no other choice.

The clinic is hidden, talked about in whispers. For a small fortune they can change you into whatever you need to be, and I walked in with a plan.

Handsome, muscular, a leading man. That was what I wanted, but what I got was so far from that change.

They must have made a mistake because this body is soft and feminine. This body is anything but a leading man. This body is a woman.

I have a chance though, a chance to prove that I'm just as good as I think that I am. I mean what more of a test could I take on then to play this part, to become someone so far outside of my experience? I want to prove that I have what it takes to play any part.

But I can't deny the feelings and the urges in this body. Standing here opposite this handsome casting agent I can't deny that my body is craving him. Craving the hard touch of his hands on my soft body.

I can't give in. I need to hold out. I can't be wanting this, even though I know that I need it so badly.

Look-Alike: A Feminization Sissification Short (English Edition) Kindle版 Olivia Spanx (著)



My best friend CJ has a crush on Melissa. Despite his handsome features and his masculine frame, he's way too nervous to talk to her. Luckily for him, I look JUST LIKE Melissa. And when I throw on a wig and a sundress, it's like he can't even tell us apart.

The Neighbours' Sissy Maid by Keary Hayes (著)



With his first year of college approaching Richard is looking for work, eager to save—tired of being a shy, awkward, scrawny wallflower he is keen to rebrand himself as someone exciting, charming, attractive. When David and Clare, the attractive couple next door, offer to pay him for yard work Richard jumps at the opportunity.

David heads out of town on business and Richard is left alone with Clare, the women he has always admired, and when Richard steals a pair of Clare’s pretty panties he sets off a chain of events that lead him down a road of feminization and submission. Clare makes Richard her pretty, sexy maid and sets about training her, punishing her, teaching her how to be Rachel, a good girl.

When David returns home Clare has Rachel serve them both. Embracing this new side of her personality, Rachel discovers the pleasures of being pretty, sexy, of dressing and acting feminine, and she gladly accepts a new job offer, as her neighbours’ sissy maid.

Reinventing Olivia by Jenna Braveheart (著)


「不動産王」Justin Kupkaはクラブで出会ったウエイトレス・Oliviaを引っ掛けて一夜を共にするが、目が覚めた翌日、なんと彼女と肉体を入れ替えられてしまった!仕方なく女子大学生Oliviaとして暮らしつつ、Justinは元に戻るための行動を起こしていくのだが、...!?

When real estate mogul Justin Kupka picked up the waitress serving him at his country club he has no idea what she had planned for him. After sleeping with her he wakes up having traded bodies with her! Now Olivia Magnacotti, a college student from the other side of the tracks, he has to cope with his new circumstances. Soon, he is plotting how to get his manhood back but some interesting adventures lie along the path leading him to reinvent Olivia.

Bully Makes Me His Sissy: Satisfying His Demands by Klara Swift (著)



Coming back to this town wasn't in my plans, mostly because of men like Billy and the way they treated me when I was here. But after four years away I don't have a choice. I had no other place to go.

I never wanted to see Billy again. He made my life a living hell for so long and when I put this town behind me I was happy to forget all about him.

But then I ran into him and ran from him. I ran away from everything he represented but I couldn't forget about him.

He was in my dreams. Dreams that started off as nightmares and shifted until they became something else. Something that terrified me more than I could imagine, because my unconscious mind had plans for him that I couldn't ignore.

And when he comes to me in real life he is forceful and demanding. When he comes to me in real life he asks of me more than I can imagine. He wants me to dress up for him, wants me on my knees for him, wants me to bend for him.

And I think I want it too.

From Duke to Duches by Dana Bowman (著)


(Duke:男性の公爵  Duches:女性の公爵)

Young duke-to-be Sidney's come into his property - and the smouldering lady across the way intends to put him firmly in his place, no matter WHAT it takes. With her wiles and the cruel efficiency of her maidservant, can Sidney hope to avoid becoming Sydney?

Sissy Pet - A Tale of Feminization and Crossdressing by Scarlett Steele (著)



Creepy Gym Voyeur Turns Into An Obedient Sissy Pet!

Alex’s crush on his lab partner, Tori, challenges him to observe her further in order to satisfy his hunger for her body.

Not content with gawking at her in the lab whilst mentally undressing her.

The determined student turns into a stalker and begins to spy on his crush.

His infatuation draws him deeper into obsession as one evening, he steals Tori’s panties whilst she is showering in the gym.

And when Alex makes a mistake and exposes himself to Tori, he finds himself at her mercy embarking on a journey of obedience of femininity!

Sissy Abduction: A mistress humiliates, hypnotized, and feminizes a boy by Nikki Hayes (著)



Greg feels feminine being the only male working at a school, and Principal Diane makes it clear who's in charge. She laughs at how effeminate he is, hinting that she knows about his crossdressing secret. Greg feels completely ashamed, and runs to his daddy to feel better. But their usual ice cream role-play scenario ends in an abduction, and Greg (or Ashley) awakes to find herself strapped to a bondage chair in a pitch black room. From the darkness, the sound of high heels clack against the tiling moves towards her, echoing around the room... A whip cracks in the air... the Latex Mistress has arrived...

I Am Kate Gender Swap by Candy Socks (著)



Brent is the star of his track team with an eye towards the biggest stage a runner can find. While his mind is distracted by thoughts of pretty medals, multi-colored rings and ribbons, he doesn't notice how alienated he's become from his jealous teammates. When Brent wraps his strong, masculine fingers around a tainted thick, metal baton, his world is upended and he finds his manly body replaced with that of a beautiful girl!

While at first Brent wants to return to the track to show the world what he does best, his new feminine figure demands and urges satisfaction of a different sort. If Brent can't manage to get his body back in time for the race, his hopes of being a world-class athlete will be squashed. If he ditches his new feminine body too soon, he'll never know just how good it can feel.

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