Mistress Elleが君臨するThe Sissy Farm。そこでは彼女の催眠洗脳でオトコ達が身も心も女性化していく!?

Turned onto the street to be a shemale street-walker, forced to work a gloryhole, and forced to pleasure anyone your mistress chooses, these are just a few of the trials you will have to endure at The Sissy Farm.

The hardest, darkest and sexiest sissy hypnosis ever written, The Sissy Farm describes the real life country estate where Mistress Elle conditions and trains her supplicants. Starting off as a lowly domestic maid, new arrivals undergo complete sissification and soon find themselves on a journey towards the heights (or depths) of sissy sexuality.

Elle Mesen subverts the sissy hypno genre on its head, training and conditioning sissies with her unique blend of total domination, rational argument and the immersion of sissy maids into their darkest, most sordid fantasies.

Readers should be aware that this is not classic sissy hypnosis – this is mind control via a number of tools ranging from psychology to pure erotica. They should also be warned that this book is not for the faint-hearted! Really! Please don’t complain that it was too hard! We warned you!