Eunuch Island: Where Sissies are Auctioned Off for Keeps (The Eunuch Island Trilogy Book 1) (English Edition)

Randy has no idea what is in store for him when he is kidnapped by a mysterious redhead late one night. He is sent to a secret island where he is tortured, brainwashed, and forcibly feminized. The leader of the island plans to auction off her captives to a group of billionaire bidders for use as sex slaves. But will Randy escape before he is sold? Read Eunuch Island and find out!

Eunuch Island Part Two: Auctioned Off in London (The Eunuch Island Trilogy Book 2) (English Edition)

This all-new erotic thriller picks up where the first Eunuch Island left off! Victoria plans to auction off a new batch of feminized sissies in London. But her enemies are hard at work trying to destroy her. Will she prevail?